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Saturday, October 15, 2016

quite settled... (pm.15.oct.16)>

Saturday's stats:

Low temp: 59.9F (15.5C)
High temp: 70.8F (21.6C)
Rainfall: none

We've definitely settled into a consistent pattern the last few days, have we not?  It's clear again this evening, though with some light haze in the air, after a partly cloudy afternoon which followed a brilliantly sunny morning.  Humidity at my location in the upper part of town was almost identical to what I recorded yesterday, ranging from a low around 38% during the mid-morning, to a high of 57% late this afternoon.

I was expecting a slight warm-up today, but with the days getting shorter and shorter as the angle of the sun decreases, it seems to be harder to get our air mass to warm up, even with the large percentage of sunshine.  Still, nothing to complain about, as our temps remain above normal for the season.  The weather pattern is expected to stay just as it is for another few days, with a relatively slow westerly flow in the upper-atmosphere, and very limited moisture throughout all layers of the air mass sprawled across northern India.

Winds aloft will increase toward the end of the coming week, with some pockets of cooler air setting their sights on us in the seven to ten day range.  But moisture will remain hard to find, so at least as of now, models are not showing even the slightest hints of precipitation in our area -- all the way until the very end of the month.

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