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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

monsoon withdrawal?... (pm.05.oct.16)>

**Update @ 8:10pm... Humidity has plummeted since around 4:30pm... now just 53% here on Tushita Road.  Wow.  Still waiting for an official monsoon withdrawal statement from the IMD to match what the map is showing this evening.

Wednesday's stats:

Low temp: 62.1F (16.7C)
High temp: 70.7F (21.5C)
Rainfall: 0.01" (less than 1mm)

Hot off the press... the updated monsoon map from the India Met Department shows the monsoon withdrawal line pushed east of us today -- to the Himachal Pradesh/Uttarakhand border.  There is no official statement yet on the IMD website, so I'll keep tabs on that this evening to make sure it's legit.

Late this evening things are looking a lot better.  A weak upper-level disturbance in an increasingly brisk west-northwesterly flow moved across Himalayan north India today, stirring up some widely scattered thundershowers during the mid-afternoon, and then delivering a batch of drier air in its wake.  Several brief, very light showers with some thunder between about 2:20 and 4:00pm suddenly gave way to partially clearing skies by 5:00pm, with all of the low clouds and fog chased away.  Humidity today averaged around 76%, and was as low as 68% late this afternoon after those brief showers.

According to this evening's models/data, a progressively drier air mass is expected to gradually move across the northwest part of India over the coming several days, which should chip away at the lingering moisture stuck here along the mountains.  Although the signs are very positive, of course it's still going to be a day-by-day strategy to see how much our average daily humidity drops, and how that affects our mid-day into afternoon cloud and fog development issues.  But at any rate, things are happening...

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