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Sunday, October 9, 2016

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Sunday's stats:

Low temp: 61.0F (16.1C)
High temp: 71.9F (22.2C)
Rainfall: none

Our skies have cleared out rapidly this evening, and now it's almost totally clear at dusk.  It's been a pretty fantastic early October Sunday, with mostly sunny skies early this morning giving way to just partly cloudy conditions during the mid-day into the afternoon hours.  Humidity fluctuated narrowly between about 50 and 60% throughout the day, and there was never any shower development in the McLeod area.  That is not the case further to our north -- satellite pics have shown scattered showers and thundershowers over much of Jammu & Kashmir, and even into some of the highest elevations of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

That shower/thunder action is in association with the upper-level disturbances we've been talking about recently, that are dropping into Himalayan north India from the northwest.  Moisture availability continues to decrease, but with much cooler pockets of air aloft, there has been that scattered thundershower development further north of us.  We could still theoretically get in on some of that action overnight through Monday, before the upper-level energy departs to our east and southeast.

Already we are getting hints of the drier/crisper air mass on the way, and it's still looking like we are setting up for some genuine post-monsoon autumn weather during this coming week.  Actually, extended range models are showing very quiet, mild and dry conditions for us all the way until at least the 25th of the month.  That's very far away to be very confident about it, but the point is, there's no ominous weather showing up on the charts for a long time.

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