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Saturday, October 8, 2016

a shifting pattern... (pm.08.oct.16)>

Saturday's stats:

Low temp: 61.5F (16.4C)
High temp: 73.4F (23.0C)
Rainfall: none

We've had another rainless day, and also the high temp at my location in the upper part of town was the warmest I've recorded this month.  Full sunshine gave way to the first patchy cloud development around 10:00am, however, and it was a back-and-forth dance between clouds and sun for the remainder of the day.  The humidity readings were almost identical to yesterday's -- ranging from about 58% this morning, to just above 70% during the mid- and late afternoon hours.

A couple of low-pressure circulations in the upper-atmosphere are set to drop in from the northwest late tonight through Sunday and into Monday, which will deliver some cooler temps aloft which could create some instability for a couple of days.  All of the model data seems to have backed off significantly on the shower and thundershower potential, but there are still indications that we could see at least one period of development between late tonight and Monday afternoon -- so don't be surprised if we have to deal with a round of wet and stormy weather sometime during the coming 48 hours or so.

In the wake of that weather system, the driest and most stable air mass in many months will be sweeping across the western Himalayan region into central India.  I still think we'll be seeing humidity levels drop down to 40%... or lower... by Tuesday or Wednesday, with a good amount of sunshine and only very slight chances of an afternoon shower.  There should be a pleasant sense of autumn in the air, which is what we would expect as we approach the middle of October.

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