Monday, November 9, 2015

stubborn clouds/haze... (pm.09.nov.15)>

Monday's stats:

Low temp: 52.9F (11.6C)
High temp: 59.7F (15.4C)
Rainfall: none

Our sky is partly cloudy and hazy this evening, and it's a bit breezy at the moment as well.  It's been another rather chilly day, with hazy sun trying hard to poke through a lot of mid- and high level cloudiness.  If there were any raindrops today, I never saw them.  Humidity averaged 45%.

The overall weather pattern continues to be dominated by a rather brisk westerly flow aloft, which is bringing back-to-back weak disturbances from the vicinity of the Caspian Sea, across Afghanistan and Pakistan and then into Himalayan north India.  Mostly these wiggles/ripples in the upper-level flow are producing extensive patches of cloudiness, but there have been a few areas of scattered showers and thundershowers as well -- pretty much all of it happening to our northwest.

More weak disturbances will roll over us during the coming week or so, but according to the latest data, it's still looking like it will be hard for us to come up with any significant precipitation out of the deal.  Don't be surprised if we get an isolated shower or thundershower -- later tonight into Tuesday, and again Thursday night into Friday -- but the main issue will be the cloud battles.  Usually we get to enjoy lots of bright sunshine during November, but we're being robbed of that so far this year.

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