Monday, November 23, 2015

a bit more going on... (pm.23.nov.15)>

Monday's stats:

Low temp: 54.9F (12.7C)
High temp: 61.1F (16.2C)
Rainfall today: none
Rainfall for November: 0.69" (1.8cm)

It's a really beautiful evening out there, with patches of altocumulus clouds, but enough open sky to reveal a bright moon waxing toward full.  Today there've been more clouds than we've seen in just over one week, but the sun did make a nice showing after about 1:30pm -- boosting temps a few degrees after very little movement on the thermometer earlier in the day.  Humidity has been a bit higher -- in the neighborhood of 40-50%.

A fairly well-organized upper-level low pressure center is located over northwestern Afghanistan at present.  Little wiggles and ripples of upper-level energy are being ejected out ahead of this system, and that's what's caused our cloud development today.  The overall atmospheric situation is going to be in a sort of 'holding pattern' the next two or three days, as that low pressure system loiters well to our west.  By late Thursday, it will push eastward, moving across northern India on Friday into Saturday.  There's still very little moisture projected to be pulled in, but with the upper-level dynamics and a good amount of cooling surging in, there appears to be a concern about a period or two of rain showers and possible thundershowers between Thursday night and very early Saturday morning.  As you can see from the stats (top of this post), November rainfall has been extremely anaemic, so it wouldn't hurt to get a little rain before the month closes.

There will also probably be a noticeable drop in temperatures by Thursday night or Friday... but right now it seems like there could be a fairly rapid rebound by early next week.

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