Friday, November 27, 2015

coolest of the season... (pm.27.nov.15)>

Friday's stats:

Low temp: 42.3F (5.7C)
High temp: 54.3F (12.4C)
Rainfall since midnight: 0.15" (4mm)
Rainfall since 7pm Thursday: 0.22" (6mm)

We're back to mostly clear skies early tonight, though it is a little bit hazy.  It has been an interesting 24 hour period, with several rather brief periods of light rain showers between this time last evening and around 6 o'clock this morning.  There were even some impressive displays of thunder and lightning during the overnight into early morning hours -- though the rain gauge tally didn't amount to very much.  Still, nearly one-quarter of an inch of rain during that roughly 12 hour period overnight is significant enough for the final days of November.  It's also worth noting that my overnight low temp (see above) was the coldest I've recorded since THE 16TH OF MARCH.  Yes, winter is gradually arriving... with a fresh dusting of white visible below Triund early this morning.

The upper-level system responsible for last night's active weather has sputtered out and sheared apart as it has been pushing east-northeast of us today.  That has given us generally improving conditions as a flat westerly flow begins to set up over northern India.  That flow will turn more to the southwest by later in the weekend as milder air begins to filter back in -- slowly but surely.  Right now things are looking calm and quiet through the weekend and throughout most of next week, though we're going to have to be on guard and aware of the potential for various types of cloud development issues from time to time.

Our temperatures will attempt to moderate a bit by Monday, but then yet another surge of cooler air will settle across the area by the middle of next week.  It's not for certain yet, but I think we may have seen the last of our 60ºF+ temps for this season, and for 2015.

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