Wednesday, November 4, 2015

cool; shower threat... (pm.04.nov.15)>

Wednesday's stats:

Low temp: 50.2F (10.1C)
High temp: 56.6F (13.7C)
Rainfall: 0.12" (3mm) -- through midnight

There is a light rain shower in progress at the moment, and it's mostly cloudy.  Sunshine today was almost non-existent, apart from a glimpse or two very early this morning, and another few fleeting glimpses during the late afternoon.  Otherwise we've seen our share of cloudiness, along with a bit of light precipitation which first manifested around 12:30pm.  At first it was mainly drizzle/sprinkles, but by 2:30pm, we had a couple of authentic showers which actually registered a small measurement in the rain gauge.  As you can see from today's stats, our temperatures were very cool, and didn't move much at all throughout the day.

After temps averaging out on the plus side of normal since the beginning of October, we've finally dipped a few degrees below normal the last couple of days.  An upper-level disturbance now moving into northern Pakistan is responsible for the increased cloudiness and cooling temps aloft which have contributed to the thermometer's downward trend of late -- and it is also responsible for the scattered rain showers which have been trying really hard to develop across the western Himalayas.  According to all the computer model data available, the best dynamics for a more significant wave of showers and/or thunderstorms will move across our area tonight into Thursday morning.  This system is lacking the kind of significant moisture necessary for sustained moderate to heavy precipitation, but it will be interesting to see what might develop during the coming 12-18 hours or so.

By Thursday evening rain chances should diminish rapidly, as our atmosphere moves into a bit of a stabilization phase.  That should last through the weekend, but then there's yet another disturbance scheduled for Monday into Tuesday which could again bring us a decent chance of a couple of periods of showers/thunder.  Temps could average out a little bit below normal during the next week or so, unless we can get several hours of good mid-day sunshine.

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