Friday, November 6, 2015

quiet weekend ahead... (pm.06.nov.15)>

Friday's stats:

Low temp: 50.9F (10.5C)
High temp: 61.1F (16.2C)
Rainfall: none

There are a few scattered wisps of high, thin cirrus clouds scattered across the sky as the evening light fades.  It's been a fairly nice early November day, with full sunshine this morning giving way to a moderate build-up of cumulus clouds over the Dhauladars this afternoon.  Still, the sun was dominant, allowing the temp at my location on Tushita Road in the very upper part of town to rise to its warmest level since Monday.  Humidity was very consistent near 50% throughout the day.

Our overall weather pattern during the coming several days is not totally free and clean and clear, but there doesn't appear to be anything very dramatic on the way for us.  A general westerly upper-level flow will be embedded with a few very minor ripples/disturbances through the end of next week, but none of those individual disturbances will be able to pack much of a punch.  Right now it looks like the best chance to pick up a few scattered showers across the mountains of Himachal Pradesh will be on Monday and Tuesday -- but even then any rainfall (or snowfall in higher elevations) should be light.  Otherwise, expect alternating periods of sunshine and clouds during the foreseeable future.

Our temps which have dipped a couple of degrees below normal since Wednesday should be creeping slowly upward again -- putting us in the 'comfortable' range for this stage of the autumn season.

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