Tuesday, April 5, 2016

unsettled for a while... (pm.05.apr.16)>

Tuesday's stats:

Low temp: 52.0F (11.1C)
High temp: 68.9F (20.5C)
Rainfall since 7:00am: none
24 hour rainfall: 0.61" (1.5cm)

A solid layer of high clouds blankets the sky as dusk settles in, at the very end of a day which has been the coolest since the 26th of March -- ten days ago.  We never had any more significant shower/thunder development, at least not any that i witnessed, but the sunshine quotient was minimal as only dim glimpses of sun made appearances now and then.  It's definitely been the gloomiest day of this young month of April.

Last week we were enjoying some bright springtime weather, with temperatures climbing above average, and a good amount of sunshine on a daily basis.  But now, we find ourselves in a less pleasant pattern.  The upper-level flow is rather strong and active -- and even though there is not any sign of a truly organized macro-scale storm system, there are several minor disturbances projected to spin across northern India during the next 6-7 days.  This will keep us dealing with extended periods of cloudiness at times, and also keep at least a 20-30% chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms in the forecast.  In fact, the rain chances will be even better tomorrow (Wed) by late afternoon into Thursday, and again around Monday of next week.  As far as April weather patterns go, we'd have to call this a rather active one.

It will feel plenty warm and comfortable when we get a few hours of sunshine, but the warmer air mass of last week has been suppressed well south of us for now -- and that means we'll probably average just slightly cooler than normal between now and early next week.

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