Monday, April 4, 2016

an unstable period... (am.04.apr.16)>

Upper-level energy along with some colder air in the middle and higher levels of the atmosphere are nudging into northwest India now.  The main center of circulation of this 'system' is way up in central Asia, but with the unseasonably warm air mass in place in the lower levels, the whole atmosphere has become moderately unstable.  That instability has triggered some isolated to scattered thundershower activity in our vicinity overnight -- thunder and lightning, gusty winds, but actually very little rainfall.  My rain gauge is barely wet this morning.

The potential for a couple of periods of showers and thunderstorms will remain with us today and tonight, with a smaller chance on Tuesday.  Then, yet another wave of upper-level energy will swing across northern India on Wednesday afternoon into Thursday, increasing the thundershower risk once again.  We're not talking about a whole lot of rain, but frankly this whole coming week is looking unstable and a bit bumpy.

As far as temperatures are concerned... it's currently 64.9F (18.3C) at my location here in the upper part of town, and that's really mild for an early April morning.  I do expect some cooler air to begin filtering in during the next 24 hours, especially if we do get hit with a significant round of rain showers.  All in all, this coming week will average out cooler than last week, most likely.