Monday, April 18, 2016

lots of possibilities... (pm.18.apr.16)>

Monday's stats:

Low temp: 55.4F (13.0C)
High temp: 77.5F (25.3C)
Rainfall since midnight: 0.32" (8mm)
24 hour rainfall: 0.60" (1.5cm)

Satellite pics are showing two main areas of thundershowers near us -- one is to our north, from southern Kashmir into Lahaul/Spiti, and the other is to our south, just over mid-way to Shimla.  But at the moment, we've seen no development in our immediate area.  Skies are partly cloudy as sunset approaches, and it's been that way pretty much throughout the day.  Showers, gusty winds and thunder overnight finally settled down sometime after 4:00am or so.  After unseasonably warm temperatures both Saturday and Sunday, we've dropped a few degrees today -- closer to normal/average for the middle of April. 

The first in a series of upper-level disturbances moved through Himachal last night into early this morning, and certainly made us take notice.  There are going to be more little pulses of energy in the upper atmosphere rippling across northern India all week long, with a continuing chance of a period of showers and thunderstorms, almost every day between now and Saturday.  The most impressive of those disturbances is scheduled for Thursday night and Friday, but an hour or two of showers/thunder could happen nearly anytime of the day or night this entire week.  Still... we'll probably also come up with a decent amount of sun on most days, as temperatures remain comfortably warm.

Check out tabs at the top of the page for monthly average temperatures and precipitation, along with THE 7-DAY OUTLOOK which contains all the forecast specs.