Sunday, October 11, 2015

slightly better shower risk... (pm.11.oct.15)>

Sunday's stats:

Low temp: 61.3F (16.3C)
High temp: 72.8F (22.7C)
Rainfall: none

Most of our afternoon clouds have dissipated, but it is still quite hazy this evening.  Sunshine was again the dominant feature throughout the morning into the early afternoon, with temperatures continuing to run a bit warmer than normal for this stage of October.

October is normally one of the most uneventful months of the year around here, but this particular October has been even more uneventful than usual.  There's nothing at all noteworthy or dramatic about the overall weather pattern, with very weak upper-level features combined with benign mid- and lower-level features keeping things quiet.  The exception is the daily build-up of clouds in favorable areas along the front slopes of the mountains -- and even a random shower here or there during the afternoon hours.  We've only had one of those "showers" this month here in the immediate McLeod area, and it only served to form a few splatters in the dust and pollen which have accumulated since the monsoon finally departed for good a couple of weeks ago.

All the models continue to show a better chance of some mainly afternoon showers (and maybe thunder) popping up on a scattered basis during this new week, as a batch of moisture attempts to push in from the south.  Rainfall amounts, if any, should be quite light, but don't be surprised if we see something measurable over the course of the coming several days.  Otherwise, there should be more of this mix of sunshine and clouds, along with unseasonably mild temps.

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