Wednesday, October 14, 2015

autumn drought breaks... (pm.14.oct.15)>

Wednesday's stats:

Low temp: 50.5F (10.3C)
High temp: 64.2F (17.9C)
Rainfall: 0.80" (2.0cm)

There's a fresh dose of frozen precipitation visible on the Dhauladhars this evening, with just a few lingering clouds as the sky goes dark.  You can see from the stats table above that we had a pretty decent amount of rain today, thanks to that very turbulent period of thunderstorms that swept through here during the mid-day.  It was almost pitch dark just before noon, with the bulk of the rain falling between roughly noon and 2:00pm.  There was also a brief period of small hail, and an extended period of very strong and gusty winds which brought in some chilly air.  The low temp for the day (50.5ºF/10.3ºC) occurred during the height of the rain and wind between 1:00 and 1:30pm.

A west-northwesterly flow aloft converged with advancing moisture from the south and southeast today to produce a widespread area of rain showers and thunder from northern Pakistan and Kashmir into Himachal Pradesh.  For us, it was the first measurable rainfall since the 25th of September -- finally giving us something to put in the books for the month of October.  It was also the coolest blast of air we've experienced this fall season.  It looks like there could still be some scattered thundershower development in the area tomorrow (Thu), but then things should settle down again over the weekend as moisture retreats a bit and our atmosphere attempts to stabilize.  Temperatures should also rebound.

A new upper-level disturbance will slide in from the west-northwest early next week, which will bring us the next chance of a round or two of showers/thunder.

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