Monday, October 12, 2015

not as bright... (pm.12.oct.15)>

Monday's stats:

Low temp: 60.6F (15.9C)
High temp: 69.4F (20.8C)
Rainfall: trace

It's hazy and mostly cloudy this evening, at the end of a day that was considerably less sunny than most days this month have been.  We did start off with hazy sunshine early this morning, but clouds were already trying to develop along the mountain slopes by 9:00am, and after the noon hour, there were barely any bright moments at all.  We've also had a couple of brief periods of sprinkles this afternoon and evening, though the rain has not been enough to register a measurement.

If you've been paying attention the last several days, you know that we've been anticipating an increase in the moisture content of our air mass which should be leading to a better chance of some scattered rain shower action around our area during this week.  The evidence of a more moisture-laden air mass was quite obvious today, but the rainfall itself has still been much less than impressive.  I'll be surprised if we get anything all that significant out of this, but there is a decent chance of some light amounts of rain, mainly between tommorow (Tue) and Thursday.  Hopefully we'll still see some sun thrown into the mix as well.

Temperatures will be a few degrees cooler with the limited sunshine, but there's still no sign of a definitive push of truly fall-like air as we move into the latter half of October.