Saturday, October 10, 2015

rainless month so far... (pm.10.oct.15)>

Saturday's stats:

Low temp: 61.0F (16.1C)
High temp: 71.9F (22.2C)
Rainfall: none

We've made it through the first one-third of October without measurable rainfall.  In fact -- it's now been fifteen days since there's been anything in the rain gauge to register a measurement, though we did have a few sprinkles on Thursday afternoon.  Full sunshine this morning did give way to cloud development during the late morning, as expected, but those clouds were not as pervasive as we've seen during the afternoon hours the last couple of days.  All in all it has been a really nice Saturday.

In addition to the total lack of rainfall so far this month, we're also continuing to see temperatures which are a few degrees warmer than we would expect this time of the year.  The upper-level pattern is responsible, with the main branch of the jet stream remaining way way north of us, keeping a general bubble of high pressure aloft sprawled all across the western Himalayan region.  Even the extended-range computer models are not showing any kind of dramatic surge of much cooler autumn-like air during the next ten day or so.

However, there is some more significant moisture gathering and lurking to our south, and it looks like we may stand a better chance of getting some isolated/scattered rain shower activity as we progress through the coming week.  We're not talking at all about a significant storm system, but I have a feeling there will finally be some measurable rainfall amounts going into the books before next weekend rolls around.

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