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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

on the rebound... (am.24.dec.13)>

Skies are clear as the sun rises this morning, though there is a little bit of haze in the air.  It's been a quiet night with no rain or snow, and a predawn low temp of 41.9F (5.5C) up here on Tushita Road.

Temperatures have already rebounded nicely from the bone-chilling cold of Saturday night and Sunday, as a slightly milder air mass nudges in from the west.  There has also been a bit of warming in the upper atmosphere as well, allowing some major melting of snow to occur on the mountains.  Sunshine should be plentiful today, continuing that snow-melting theme, and providing us with an overall pleasant late December day.

A slightly disturbed upper-air pattern is showing up on the data during the coming several days, but it probably won't mean anything for us.  The moisture which provided fuel for the rain and snow a couple of days ago has been swept well off to our south and east, so despite those upper-air fluctuations, we probably won't see anything more than some occasional mainly high cloudiness from Christmas Day through the weekend.  There will be some minor temperature variations, but nothing dramatic in either the up or down direction.

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