Sunday, December 22, 2013

on the rain/snow line... (am.22.dec.13)>

Electricity just returned, and I'm finally getting the laptop plugged in/charging again.  Frustrating to have no power for 16 hours in a row.

Precipitation overnight was much heavier than expected... I have 1.91" (4.9cm) in the rain gauge, which includes about an inch or so of melted sleet and snow.  I recorded a low temp of 34.2F (1.2C), which occurred around 3-4am, when there was a good amount of snow falling at my house in the very upper part of McLeod.  Have already heard reports of more than one foot of snow at Galu Temple, and other rumours of close to two feet up at Triund (can't verify that yet).

There are still some showers of rain and sleet around -- but the temp has bounced back to around 40F (4.4C).  With this disturbance lingering in the area through this evening, we'll have to be braced for more scattered showers, and maybe a rumble or two of thunder as well.  Major improvement expected by tonight and tomorrow!

Want to get this posted quickly in case I lose power again... check CURRENT FORECAST details on the tab above.