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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

a quiet holiday... (am.25.dec.13)>

Good morning and MERRY CHRISTMAS...

We've got some patches of mid-level clouds around the area at sunrise on this Christmas Day -- but it's relatively mild, with an early morning temp of about 44F (6.7C).  Humidity is 36%, and there has been no precipitation overnight.

I've been mentioning that the upper-air pattern is featuring numerous weak disturbances, which are really more like just some wiggles and ripples in the flow aloft.  Anyway, one of those 'wiggles' has been enough to stir up some areas of cloudiness across not only Himachal Pradesh, but much of the western Himalayan region.  The air mass has been getting progressively drier the last few days though, and that should prevent any rain/snow shower development except perhaps in some of the highest mountains to our north and northeast.

There will be a turn to some slightly cooler temperatures during the coming 24-36 hours or so, but then another slow moderation is expected over the weekend.  Still, the fluctuations won't be too dramatic, keeping us quite close to 'average' for the final week of December.

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