Friday, December 25, 2015

trending milder... (pm.25.dec.15)>

Friday's stats:

Low temp: 39.9F (4.4C)
High temp: 48.8F (9.3C)
Precipitation: none

Our readers are always checking in from all over the world -- from every time zone -- but here in McLeod, our Christmas Day is coming to a close.  We've had plenty of fluctuations between clouds and sunshine throughout the day, though all told, I would have to say that the clouds were more dominant.  Just after sunset we still have some scattered mid-level cloudiness, though the air is actually pretty much free of haze.  Temperatures, as expected, have begun to trend slightly milder.

An amazingly impressive push of warmer air is starting to show up from the northern Arabian Sea into west-central India, and computer models are indicating this new air mass to become the main weather feature for most of central and northern India during these final several days of 2015.  However, there is also a rather strong pulse of upper-level energy moving from Iran into Afghanistan tonight, which will be racing across the western Himalayas during the coming 36-48 hours or so.  That means we'll have to deal with periodic cloud issues, along with a risk of some random rain light rain shower development, with the risk of light precipitation highest from tomorrow (Sat) evening into Sunday mid-day.  As has been the case with the last few of these upper-level disturbances, better chances of some measureable rain/snow will be further to our north and east.

It's looking unseasonably mild for the majority of next week, with a good likelihood of temperatures rebounding back toward where they were during the first ten days of December. That would be welcome, for sure, after these last two weeks of unseasonably cold weather around here...

MERRY CHRISTMAS to those of you in time zones further west who are just beginning your day... and check out THE 7-DAY OUTLOOK if you're interested in forecast details.