Tuesday, December 1, 2015

ridiculously nice... (pm.01.dec.15)>

Tuesday's stats:

Low temp: 53.1F (11.7C)
High temp: 60.6F (15.9C)
Rainfall: none

What a gorgeous first evening of December we are enjoying.  Skies are perfectly clear, with the last sunset colors fading along the west-southwestern horizon.  Today's sunshine was abundant and plentiful, with only a short episode of hazy skies during the mid-afternoon, along with some very random cumulus development along the Dhauladhars for a few hours.  Both high and low temps at my location on Tushita Road just below the mountaineering center were actually warmer than I've recorded since last Wednesday.  Humidity ranged widely -- from around 25% this morning, to just over 50% during the mid-afternoon.

It's hard to believe we've actually had an upper-level disturbance overhead today, but it's true.  The circulation is very weak, but its center has been gliding from northern Pakistan into southwestern Kashmir today, and will continue its course over Himachal tonight into Wednesday morning.  Our air mass is so dry, however, that there's very little cloudiness being generated, much less any precipitation.  The main thing happening is we'll be getting the next influx of drier air, along with a temporary slight dip in temperatures as this little system moves east of us.

But then by Thursday, yet another ridge of high pressure will start to build into northwest India, and that should usher in a period of moderating temps for the end of the week, which looks like it could last even into early next week.  Precipitation chances continue to look very slim for the coming 5-6 days at least.  Not a bad way to kick off the new month...

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