Saturday, December 5, 2015

good fortune continues... (pm.05.dec.15)>

Saturday's stats:

Low temp: 52.7F (11.5C)
High temp: 60.2F (15.7C)
Rainfall: none

As December evenings go, this is a user-friendly one -- with only a few scattered high clouds just after dark, along with temperatures that continue to run on the mild side for this time of year.  Patches of high clouds dimmed the sun quite a bit this morning, but we broke out into mostly sunny skies by mid-day, and the sun remained dominant throughout the afternoon hours.  My high temp was the second-wamest of the last ten days, as humidity again averaged close to 40%.

The influence and effect of a big ridge of high pressure sprawled from the Arabian Sea into central and northwest India is now peaking, as it provides stable weather conditions across the vast majority of South Asia.  There are still inversion issues in the lower elevations to our south, however, thanks to pockets of shallow cool air that are being overrun by relatively warmer temperatures in the higher levels of the atmosphere.  Also we're still contending with occasional patches of high clouds moving across Himalayan north India in the rapid west-to-east flow aloft.  But this stable high pressure situation will be on its way out over the course of the coming 4-5 days or so.  In the meantime, expect alternating sun and mainly high clouds, along with pleasantly mild temps for the season.

Computer models are struggling with the evolution of a fairly vigorous upper-level low pressure system approaching from the west by the latter part of the new week.  There's total disagreement amongst the various models at this point -- but we've at least got to be prepared for the potential for some shower action as early as Thursday, lasting into Saturday.  It also looks like our temps will take a nose-dive by the time next Friday rolls around.  Stay tuned as we watch...

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