Tuesday, December 15, 2015

chill holds tight... (pm.15.dec.15)>

Tuesday's stats:

Low temp: 41.0F (5.0C)
High temp: 49.3F (9.6C)
Rainfall: none

Our sky is absolutely clear early tonight -- the first time we've seen that at this time of the evening in at least a week.  The winter sunshine was plentiful today, despite some light haze at times, along with some very feeble cloud development over the immediate Dhauladhar peaks during the afternoon hours.  But this air mass is a cold one, and even with the sunshine, our temps weren't able to make a whole lot of upward progress.  In fact, it was even a degree or so (F) cooler than it's been the last three days.  

I've got no major shake-ups in the overall weather situation to talk about during these 9-10 days leading up to Christmas.  The wintertime jetstream is running generally west-to-east across the southern part of Asia, which is further south than it's normally positioned this time of year.  Embeded in that upper-level flow will be quite a few weak disturbances in the coming days, but none of them appear to be all that significant.  The next one, scheduled for Wednesday night into Thursday, could be the strongest of all, and that's why we should be ready for another increase in clouds, along with at least a slight chance of a period or two of light rain showers as it very quickly swings across north India.  Other weaker jiggles and ripples aloft will come through on Sunday, and again on Tuesday, keeping us from completely falling asleep as far as weather-watching is concerned.

This type of weather pattern lends itself to some very chilly overnight and early morning temps in the valleys and low-lying areas, as dense, colder pockets of air seek out the low spots until we get daytime sunshine generating some circulation.  I'm always bumping into people asking if it's going to warm up soon -- and I am sorry to say that the pattern is looking quite cool -- even cooler than normal -- until maybe a bit of a moderating trend during the very final 3-4 days of the month.

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