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SATURDAY EVENING... Today's high temp was the warmest I've recorded since the 20th of December, exactly one month ago...

Monday, January 17, 2011

monday afternoon (17jan)>

oh yes... winter is in full swing in mcleod ganj.  i was greeted with heavy snow, thunder and lightning as my bus arrived early on saturday morning.  apparently my bus was the last to make it up the hill, so i feel fortunate.  snowfall totals ranged from just a couple of inches down around the library, to about 5 inches in the main market area, to 8 inches in upper mcleod ganj... and then around one foot to a foot and a half in parts of naddi and dharamkot.  most people agree that that was the biggest snowfall around here since the third week of january 2005.

temperatures at my place at the top of mcleod ganj dropped to around 28.5F (-2C) on sunday morning, which led to a lot of slushy/frozen pipes.  afternoon temps have been well into the 40sF (7-10C), however, so much of the snow and ice has already melted.

LOOKING AHEAD>>  it appears that the weather pattern is going to remain unsettled for the next several days. one fairly potent disturbance is approaching northern india this evening, and will likely produce some areas of rain and snow... although at this point, the snowfall doesn't look like it will be as heavy as it was on saturday.  then, another round of snow (mainly light) is expected with yet another disturbance moving in late thursday though saturday.

MONDAY NIGHT: mostly cloudy skies with a good chance of some rain showers, quickly changing over to snow.  we could see a couple of inches or more... especially at the higher elevations.
low: 1C (33F)

TUESDAY: good chance of snow in the morning... then partly to mostly cloudy skies.
high: 7C (44F)

WEDNESDAY: a mix of clouds and sunshine.  a bit milder.
high: 8C (47F)

THURSDAY: some morning sunshine, then becoming mostly cloudy with a chance of light rain and snow showers developing during the afternoon.
high: 7C (44F)

FRIDAY: mostly cloudy with some light snow showers possible.
high: 6C (43F)

SATURDAY: mostly cloudy.  still a few snow showers possible.
high: 7C (44F)