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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

wednesday morning (26jan)>

the sun is shining this morning... with a cool temp of 38F (3C) to start the day.  we have a shallow layer of cool air across the area, but there is also a bit of instability in the mid-upper levels of the atmosphere, so i have a concern that we could see an afternoon rain or snow shower today, as the clouds build over the mountains.  of greater concern is a storm system now gathering over the persian gulf.  it is headed in our direction, and will increase our chances of some light rain and snow by the weekend.  currently, none of the computer models are making a very big deal out of this... it isn't looking anything like our snowstorm earlier this month.  just keep in mind that we could have some rain and/or snow showers around this weekend, if you have any weather-dependent plans...

WEDNESDAY: a mix of sun, haze, light fog and mountain clouds today.  only a slight chance of a brief PM rain/snow shower.  cool...
high: 9C (48F)

WEDNESDAY NIGHT: some patchy fog, otherwise mostly clear.
low: 3C (37F)

THURSDAY: mostly sunny skies.
high: 9C (49F)

FRIDAY: increasing clouds with a chance of some light rain/snow showers developing by evening.
high: 9C (49F)

SATURDAY: mostly cloudy with a chance of a period or two of light rain and/or snow.
high: 8C (47F)

SUNDAY: partly to mostly cloudy.  still a chance of some light rain or snow.
high: 8C (47F)