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Friday, January 21, 2011

friday evening (21jan)>

a gray and gloomy early morning turned into a sunny and bright afternoon.  but despite the sunshine, the high temp in mcleod only made it to 49F (9C).  once again... balmy in the sun, but still very chilly in the shade.

all indications point to a prolonged period of generally dry and quiet weather ahead.  a few minor pockets of instability drifting through could ignite a brief, isolated rain/snow shower on just about any given afternoon, but the chances are low enough to barely mention.  computer model guidance shows very little change in temperatures all the way into the middle of next week...

FRIDAY NIGHT: occasional high clouds.
low: 3C (37F)

SATURDAY: partly sunny skies.
high: 9C (49F)

SUNDAY: partly sunny... just a slight chance of a brief PM shower.
high: 10C (50F)

MONDAY: sunny to partly cloudy.
high: 11C (51F)

TUESDAY: partly cloudy.  a brief, isolated shower possible in the afternoon.
high: 11C (51F)

WEDNESDAY: sunny to partly cloudy skies.
high: 10C (50F)