Friday, January 15, 2016

uneventful weekend... (pm.15.jan.16)>

Friday's stats:

Low temp: 41.6F (5.3C)
High temp: 51.3F (10.7C)
Precipitation: none

As the last bit of light fades in the western sky this evening, it's hazy, but there are no clouds to be found.  The sunshine did return in earnest today, though that haze was apparent at times, along with a minor build-up of clouds along the immediate vicinity of the mountains during the afternoon.  My early morning low temp was the coolest since last weekend, but by afternoon we'd warmed back into the range of well-above-normal for the middle of January.

The weather charts are showing a flat and uneventful west-to-east flow at the jetstream level, lasting all the way through the weekend.  At least at this point, there are no major areas of cloudiness upstream from us either, which would indicate that we may get away with a good amount of sunshine both tomorrow (Sat) and Sunday.  There are no significant air mass changes expected either, which should keep our temperatures running mild for the season.

Some kind of upper-level low pressure trough is forecast to develop over the western Himalayas on Monday into Tuesday, but precipitation development still looks like it will be hardly noticeable.  We could see a slight drop in temps in association with that system, but nothing dramatic.  January 2016 continues to act like it's in a coma.

Of course forecast details can be found on THE 7-DAY OUTLOOK tab above.