Friday, January 1, 2016

new year, same weather... (pm.01.jan.16)>

Friday's stats:

Low temp: 48.9F (9.4C)
High temp: 57.4F (14.1C)
Precipitation: none

*HAPPY 2016*

The first evening of the new year isn't looking a lot different than the last evening of the old one.  It's pleasantly mild for the season, with scattered patches of mainly high clouds during this hour after sunset.  Today was pretty much equal parts sunshine and high clouds, with temperatures remaining well above normal -- it's now been a full week that we've been basking in this relatively mild weather.  Humidity is low.

As we move into what is climatologically the coldest several weeks of the year, we are certainly lacking much evidence of that cold air.  And we're also lacking evidence or indication of any kind of particularly strong winter storm system to deal with over the course of the coming week to ten days -- at least.  The weekend should be quiet, with more alternations between sun and mainly high clouds, as temps remain mild.  On Monday, however we'll start to taste the effects of a moderately well-organized weather system which will be moving in from the west, giving us a better chance of some scattered rain showers somewhere in our general vicinity on both Monday and Tuesday.  Right now, all of the model data is keeping the vast majority of the precipitation development happening in the higher elevations to our north and east (as has been the case with nearly every disturbance recently), but there's at least enough of a risk of some shower action nearby that we have to include it in the forecast.

Temperatures will probably not cool off all that much as this system swings across -- but we may drop down a bit closer to normal for early January.  The next chance of some light precipitation shows up on the weather charts around Friday of next week.

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