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**Temperatures have averaged very close to normal during this final week of April, just as we were expecting, with the next major warming trend possible by the end of next week...

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

in need of something... (pm.12.jan.16)>

Tuesday's stats:

Low temp: 46.1F (7.8C)
High temp: 53.0F (11.7C)
Today's precipitation: none
January precipitation: 0.40" (1.0cm)

Winding back the calendar....


DECEMBER: 2.53" (6.4cm)
NOVEMBER: 0.91" (2.3cm)
OCTOBER: 1.79" (4.5cm)

So that's a grand total of 5.63" (14.3cm) since the 1st of October, nearly three and a half months ago.  That's about the amount of rain we average in just 4 DAYS during the middle of the monsoon season.  Kind of hard to comprehend.

A weak disturbance will move across Himalayan north India later tonight into Wednesday, with another upper-level feature scheduled to pass overhead on Friday into early Saturday - but neither of these look very promising in terms of bringing us some much-needed winter precipitation.

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