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Monday, November 1, 2010

monday evening (1nov)>

the weather pattern is about as quiet and dull as it can possibly get.  and there appears to be nothing on the way during the next several days to give us a jolt.  actually, this is the weather that lots of people wait all year for... day after day of nice sunshine... low humidity... mild temperatures by day and cool temps by night.  there have been years past when this kind of weather continued all the way until the very end of december!  we'll see if that happens this year... or not.

MONDAY NIGHT: mostly clear skies.
low: 11C (52F)

TUESDAY: lots of sunshine.
high: 18C (64F)

WEDNESDAY: sunny skies.
high: 18C (65F)

THURSDAY: sunshine continues...
high: 18C (65F)

FRIDAY: sun and a few clouds.
high: 18C (64F)

SATURDAY: partly cloudy... just a slight chance of a brief afternoon shower.
high: 17C (63F)