Friday, November 12, 2010

friday morning (nov12)>

not much new to report... skies remain mostly clear all the way from the arabian peninsula into northern india and western china this morning.  there are some pockets of haze and clouds which have been forming in the mid-day hours in some of the mountain valleys, but there has been absolutely nothing in the way of rain or snow.  an area of disturbed weather remains entrenched across central india, but all indications are that it won't be heading in our direction.  for that reason... expect very little changes in our recent dull (but relatively pleasant) autumn weather pattern during the next several days...

FRIDAY: sunny to partly cloudy skies.
high: 17C (62F)

FRIDAY NIGHT: mostly clear skies.
low: 11C (51F)

SATURDAY: sunshine, with a few clouds possible in the PM.
high: 16C (61F)

SUNDAY: partly to mostly sunny.
high: 16C (61F)

MONDAY: plenty of sun... still comfortable.
high: 16C (61F)

TUESDAY: mostly sunny.
high: 16C (60F)