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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

dry and pleasant... (pm.09.jan.18)>

Temperatures today have been the mildest since the 29th of December, and thus obviously, the warmest of 2018.  A long-wave ridge of high pressure in the upper atmosphere stretching across the western Himalayas is responsible for this unseasonably mild weather -- though it is also responsible for an inversion which is trapping a shallow layer of colder air, fog and smog, in the lower elevations to our south.

This recent warming trend will continue tomorrow (Wed), but we could see some high cloudiness streaming in from the west which would dim our sunshine potential on Thursday.  That high cloudiness will be in association with a weak upper-level disturbance scheduled for late Thursday into Friday... though precipitation is not expected in our area.

According to the latest extended range computer model data, there are still hints of some kind of moderate storm system by the middle of next week, and we will eagerly and enthusiastically keep an eye on that...