Saturday, May 14, 2016

this rapid warm-up... (pm.14.may.16)>

Saturday's stats:

Low temp: 66.0F (18.9C)
High temp: 87.3F (30.7C)
Rainfall: none

This evening we have a nice view of a batch of thundershowers to our east and northeast -- just beyond the Dhauladhars.  Otherwise, we're dealing with mostly sunny skies as our Saturday comes to an end.  Apart from the thundershower development over the mountains east-northeast of us this afternoon, the summer sunshine was in control, with humidity hovering in the 28-35% range for most of the day.  At my location in the upper part of town, I recorded the second-warmest temperature of the month, which also happens to be the second-warmest of the season and the year.  We've quickly bounced back above normal for this stage of the summer season the last couple of days.

48 hours ago, on Thursday evening, we had some thundershowers of our own overhead, but the last two evenings, the shower/thunder development has remained north and east of us.  It seems that this uniformly warmer air mass has gained ground and taken control, pushing the battle line away from us for now.  There are still hints of at least a mentionable chance of a period of thundershowers between now and Monday night, so we can't totally forget about it -- but overall, things have definitely stabilized compared to what we were dealing with for the vast majority of the past week.  Right now it looks like that risk of showers will diminish even more by the middle of the new week.

Temperatures -- well above normal, and barring a significant round of thunderstorms that potentially sinks us, we should stay very warm over the course of the coming several days or more.  We could even be knocking on the door of 90ºF/32ºC which usually only happens a few times during either May or June each year.

Stay tuned... and check tabs above for plenty of other information.....