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Saturday, October 4, 2014

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After several chillier mornings in a row, it's quite mild again this morning.  I've recorded a low temp of 61.9F (16.6C), and there has been no rainfall overnight.  Humidity this morning is 86% -- still way too high for this time of year.

There has only been a trace of rain the past two days, in the form of some very light sprinkles during the mid-day into the mid-afternoon hours.  Otherwise we're continuing to deal with the same set of variables we've been dealing with for what seems like forever.  Lingering swathes of tropical moisture remain entrenched all along the front ranges of the Himalayas -- From J&K through Himachal and Uttarakhand into Nepal.  The upper-level pattern features a weak west-northwesterly flow, but is otherwise relatively stable.  The heating of the sun for a couple of hours during the morning leads to the condensation of all this latent moisture in place -- thus, the clouds, patchy fog and random showers.

Hints of a push of significantly drier air are showing up on the weather charts/data by Thursday and Friday of next week.  But we've been teased with this kind of scenario a few times before, so let's see. 

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