Thursday, May 2, 2013

a bit unstable... (am.02.may.13)>

It is partly to mostly cloudy at sunrise on this Thursday morning.  My overnight low temperature here in the upper part of town was 61.3F (16.3C), and humidity has remained consistently in the 35-40% range.  There has only been a trace of rain during the past 24 hours at my location, and i doubt if there has been anything measurable around the area.

A rapidly dying upper-level disturbance is located pretty much right overhead this morning -- its associated pool of much colder air in the higher levels of the atmosphere being responsible for the clumps of clouds still evident.  What's left of this system will continue moving off to the east today, but the lingering colder air aloft combined with (comparatively) much warmer air at the surface will cause enough instability to keep the risk of a random shower or thundershower mainly over the mountains.  As we've seen recently, this air mass is just too dry to produce much in the way of measurable rainfall, but the risk exists nonetheless.

Temperatures today will be a couple of degrees lower than yesterday's highest of the season (and the year), but a large bubble of very warm air will be building across northern India during the next several days.  With a dry and generally stable air mass in place, we should be seeing truly summer-like conditions over the weekend into early next week -- but that's exactly what we'd expect as May unfolds...

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