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Saturday, March 11, 2017

momentum shifting... (pm.11.mar.17)>

Saturday's stats:

Low temp: 34.3F (1.3C)
High temp: 40.2F (4.6C)
Precipitation: 0.38" (1.0cm) -- rain and melted snow

The low temperature today, which occurred during the middle of the day in the midst of a rather heavy snow squall, was the fourth coldest of the entire winter season.  It was colder only back during rain/snow events during the middle of January.  Yes, it has been another March day that has not felt at all like March, with several impressive periods of snow showers, in the midst of mostly cloudy skies and even some bouts of fog.  We have seen marked improvement this evening, however, with partial clearing allowing us to enjoy a nice sunset.

A record-breaking cold air mass continues to sit atop the western Himalayan region, with the upper-level low pressure circulation center itself anchored over extreme northern Pakistan.  Thankfully, this weather system is finally on the wane, and will be dissipating and shifting northeastward during the coming 24-36 hours or so.  There could be enough lingering instability to stir up more snow showers overnight, however, with perhaps a random rain/snow shower or two somewhere around the area on Sunday as well.  But really, the trend is a positive one as we finish off the weekend and head into the new week.

There is no super aggressive warming trend in our future, but it still looks like temperatures will be steadily moderating throughout the coming week.  We've got a long long long way to go to get up to where we should be by the middle of March, but we could get within range by next weekend.  Occasional waves of clouds and the risk of a few isolated showers are in the forecast, but at least there are no indications of another significant/major storm system during the coming week to ten days or so.