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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

mild with high clouds... (pm.01.feb.17)>

Wednesday's stats:

Low temp: 45.5F (7.5C)
High temp: 54.8F (12.7C)
Precipitation: none


LOW TEMP: 33.4F (0.8C) -- on the 11th
HIGH TEMP: 55.9F (13.3C) -- on the 1st
TOTAL PRECIPITATION: 8.51" (21.6cm) -- 4.01" (10.2cm) above normal
TOTAL SNOWFALL: 2.1" (5.3cm) -- at my location in the upper part of town

We've got two, and maybe three quiet days ahead of us -- though there will be a good amount of high cloudiness to deal with from time to time.  Temperatures will be running a few degrees above normal, and if those clouds don't totally take over, we could see the warmest temps of 2017 thus far.

A developing storm system over extreme northwestern Iran will be moving our way as the weekend approaches, however, and that's going to change the scenario once again.  This system isn't looking quite as scary as the models were projecting two or three days ago -- but it's still going to be a strong one, with gusty winds, thunder, and at least some moderate rainfall amounts in our general area between Saturday night and Monday morning.  We'll have to watch the snow potential, but right now it seems that temps will again be too warm for significant snowfall here in McLeod...