Monday, March 21, 2016

warmer days ahead... (pm.21.mar.16)>

Monday's stats:

Low temp: 49.1F (9.5C)
High temp: 63.6F (17.6C)
Rainfall: none

We've got totally clear skies as the sun sinks toward the western horizon this evening, at the end of a really nice day.  There was an attempt at a moderate build-up of cumulus clouds right along the mountains from mid-morning until just past the noon hour, but those clouds didn't have much staying power and in the end, the sunshine prevailed.  Temps were quite a bit milder than they've been the last few days, and even a couple of degrees (C) higher than expected.

It's Holi week, and also Easter week, and it looks like the weather is going to behave itself at least until the weekend.  Already the atmosphere has stabilized sigificantly, and during the next two or three days a ridge of high pressure will build rapidly into northern India.  This will open the door for a dramatic warming trend, which should push our temps to their highest levels of this new spring season.  Even Delhi is looking at its first 100ºF temp of the year by Thursday or Friday.

I think we've got a really good shot at 70ºF+ (21C) later this week, as some of that warmer air surges northward -- and it's definitely time for that to happen.  We should also see very little chance of rainfall as that high pressure ridge takes over.

There is another storm system on the way, however, which will begin to generate some high cloud development ahead of it... eventually leading to the risk of some scattered showers by late Saturday.  It still looks like most of the rain and/or thunderstorm development will hold off until Easter Sunday into early Monday.

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