Saturday, August 29, 2015

the variety show continues... (pm.29.aug.15)>

Saturday's stats:

Low temp: 61.0F (16.1C)
High temp: 73.4F (23.0C)
Rainfall: 1.07" (2.7cm) -- as of 4:45pm

Bright sunshine early this morning looked promising -- but was again short-lived, as clouds and fog developed rapidly by 10:30am, with a couple of light rain showers already popping up just before noon.  Then we had a few periods of moderate to heavy rain during the early afternoon, contributing to the largest rainfall total I've recorded since Monday.  There were some feeble attempts at partial clearing during the mid- to late afternoon, but it is cloudy and foggy again at sunset.

Although the large-scale weather features across most of northwest India are not nearly as conducive to the sustenance of widespread active monsoon conditions as they were just a couple of weeks ago, we've still got what it takes here along the front ranges of the mountains to keep scattered downpours of rain percolating.  For many days now we've seen a variable mixture of mainly morning sunshine, followed by a lot of cloud and fog development during the afternoon into the evening hours.  Also there has been measurable rainfall nearly every day.

The computer models are still tempting us with a drying trend coinciding with the arrival of September, and then keeping things relatively dry for the first week to ten days of the month.  At this point, I don't put much stock in that -- but it does look like the general downward trend in average daily humidity levels will be in evidence again by Tuesday or Wednesday, with showers of only the isolated afternoon variety.

Check tabs above for the forecast, along with more detailed monsoon info...