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11.27" (28.6cm) --  3.27" (8.3cm) above normal  (+41%)


37.43" (95.1cm) -- 0.37" (0.9cm) below normal  (-1%)


35.06" (89.1cm) -- 0.74" (1.9cm) below normal  (-2%)


9.15" (23.2cm) -- 6.75" ( 17.1cm) below normal  (-42%)


92.91" (236cm) -- 4.59" (11.7cm) below normal  (-5%)

So there they are -- the final stats for the "official" monsoon months of June through September.  As you can see, we finished with a deficit of several inches, which amounts to just 5% of the seasonal average/normal amount.  But isn't it very interesting that the heavy afternoon downpours these first two days of October -- amounting to about 4" (10cm) -- have almost entirely erased that deficit??

As of today (3 October), we still do not have an official monsoon withdrawal declaration from the India Met Department.  Stay tuned as we await that final release...

**5 October (evening) -- Official monsoon withdrawal declared for almost all of Himachal Pradesh, including the Dharamsala area.  That doesn't mean we won't have to deal with more lingering tropical moisture issues, but at least officially, Monsoon 2016 is now finished!

**9 October (evening) -- The IMD has moved that monsoon withdrawal line further east and southeast.  It now extends from the Uttarakhand/Nepal border down through the eastern one-third of Uttar Pradesh, and then into southwestern Rajasthan.  The Delhi NCR is now cleared.

**14 October (evening) -- There have been two more eastward moves of the monsoon withdrawal line in the last several days.  The line now extends from central Bihar southwestward to near Mumbai... but it is still quite quite far behind the normal position for the middle of October.

**18 October (evening) --  That monsoon withdrawal line has been blasting south and southeastward the last few days.  Now, ALL OF INDIA has been cleared of Monsoon 2016, apart from extreme southern Karnataka, a small sliver of southern Andrha Pradesh, and all of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.