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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

very turbulent... (pm.25.feb.15)>

Wednesday's stats:

Low temp: 45.5F (7.5C)
High temp: 53.9F (12.2C)
Precipitation: 1.08" (2.7cm)
*stats updated @ 8:05pm

Our sky this evening looks really ominous and eerie, with lots of fast-moving low clouds zipping from southeast to northwest, as thundershowers roam the area.  Although it was cloudy all day, we had several hours between late morning and mid-afternoon when there was virtually no rain.  There were some vicious wind gusts which reappeared again during the late afternoon, along with quite a lot of thunder and lightning accompanied by moderate to heavy rain showers and even some small hail mixed in during the late afternoon and evening.

A very intense upper-level circulation is spinning over northern Pakistan this evening -- the main dynamic center of a very large low pressure trough which dominates the weather pattern from the Caspian Sea to northern India.  Upper-level energy and advancing colder air has been combining with a moderate amount of moisture in the middle and lower levels of the atmosphere to produce extensive cloudiness, high wind gusts, and scattered rain and thundershowers in our neighborhood during the past 18 hours or so.  Up til now, rainfall amounts have been less than what has been projected by computer models, but there could still be plenty more development overnight into tomorrow (Thu) morning, so we can't say that this is over yet.

Heavy snow has remained way above us -- mainly along the Dhauladhar range itself -- but as colder air moves in tonight, we're still going to have to watch that snow line to see if it might shift further downhill.

Unseasonably cool temperatures and the risk of scattered showers will be with us as the weekend approaches, with the likelihood of another significant storm system moving in on Saturday night or Sunday morning, lasting through Monday.  This is not at all a pleasant weather pattern to look forward to during the coming week or so...

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