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Thursday, February 26, 2015

not much good news... (am.26.feb.15)>

The clouds are trying to break up a little bit here at sunrise on this Thursday morning, but there are still some mainly light showers occurring randomly.  My rain gauge shows an additional 0.35" (9mm) of rain and melted sleet/hail overnight, which brings that grand total since late Tuesday night up to 1.43" (3.6cm).  I'm recording a low temp of 41.4F (5.2C) here on Tushita Road just below the mountaineering center.

It looks like the worst of this recent spell of stormy weather is behind us... but we're going to have to deal with the lingering effects of some leftover energy aloft, along with an expansive pool of very cold air in the upper atmosphere which will keep everything on the unstable side today.  There is still the potential for some scattered shower or thundershower development throughout the day -- though we'll probably be able to come up with some sunshine here and there as well.

Even on Friday and Saturday we can't rule out a couple of isolated or widely scattered showers or thundershowers, mainly during the afternoon hours -- as temperatures remain several degrees cooler than normal for the very tail end of February.

And what about March?  Unfortunately, yet another very strong upper-level storm system will deepen and swing across northwest India between Saturday night and Tuesday of next week.  This one is looking even more fierce than the one we're just getting rid of, with more moisture available, and even colder air expected to be drawn into the system.

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