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Sunday, February 22, 2015

temporarily gorgeous... (pm.22.feb.15)>

Sunday's stats:

Low temp: 52.0F (11.1C)
High temp: 64.5F (18.1C)
Precipitation: none

We're finishing off the second day in a row of a dramatic warm-up -- my high temperature in the upper part of town was the warmest of 2015 so far, and from what I can tell (based on temp records from Dharamsala), the warmest since the early part of November.  Once again we were able to enjoy plentiful sunshine, with only a few patches of mainly high clouds drifting through.  

There is more subtantial high cloudiness showing up to our west and south on this evening's satellite pics, so it's looking like we may not have the kind of sunshine tomorrow that we've seen over the weekend.  The air mass in place across northwest India is an unseasonably mild one though... so even with some cloud issues, our temps should remain well above normal for this time of year.

The high pressure ridge responsible for our recent fantastic weather will be breaking down during the next couple of days, making way for a very intense storm system to bring drastic changes.  Right now there is an intense upper-level circulation moving into western Iran which will be pushing into the western Himalayas by late Tuesday.  As of now, the data indicates that this system will have all the necessary ingredients to produce a lot of nasty weather for us -- beginning Tuesday night and lasting through at least early Thursday.  It will turn much colder, with moderate to heavy rain and heavy mountain snowfall likely.

Don't be fooled by the nice weather of the past couple of days... it's only temporary.!!