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Friday, March 20, 2015

winter giving up... (am.20.mar.15)>

Patches of high cirrus clouds are evident at dawn this Friday morning, but it looks like we'll be seeing at least dim sunshine as it peeks above the Dhauladhars very shortly.  It's mild -- I'm recording an overnight low of 51.3F (10.7C) -- and there has been no rainfall since last report.

All week we've been watching a feeble upper-level disturbance which has been scheduled to move across northern India today, and as it arrives, it is indeed looking very weak.  There has been a notable increase in mid- and high cloudiness to our west and south, but if there has been any shower development at all up to this point, it has been very isolated and light.  Let's keep one eye out for a random shower today into this evening, otherwise I think the rain chances are not much to worry about.

By tomorrow (Sat), a high pressure ridge will begin to build northward, eventually encompassing the entire Indian subcontinent by Monday.  A generally stable air mass is expected, as temperatures warm up quite dramatically.  It's now looking like we could be pushing well into the 70s(F)/low 20s(C) early next week, which will be the first stretch of real springtime weather that we've been able to enjoy this season.  In fact, after languishing well below normal for the entire month of March, we should actually be warmer than normal for a few days.  Imagine that.

There is some kind of a weather system projected by the models toward the middle of next week.  At the moment, it seems that Wednesday might be our best day to pick up a bit of shower/thunder action.  Check the details on THE 7-DAY OUTLOOK tab above.