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Thursday, March 12, 2015

high cloud issues... (am.12.mar.15)>

We've still got quite a bit of high cloudiness across the area this morning at sunrise, though there are a few patches of blue sky as well in the midst of it.  It's pleasantly mild -- I'm recording an overnight low of 52.3 (11.3C) -- and there has been no rainfall since last report.

The ridge of high pressure which has been parked over most of the Indian subcontinent is keeping a mild air mass in place, which has managed to exert its influence deep into Himachal Pradesh.  That high pressure ridge is becoming polluted by high cloud development, however, and that's got us on a trajectory to see less and less sunshine as the weekend approaches.  Still, temperatures are in a very pleasant range, compared to what went on for about 10-12 days previously, and should stay fairly tolerable through Friday at least.

A very slow-moving upper-level low pressure trough is centered over extreme southeastern Iran at the moment, and will lift northeastward between now and Monday.  Computer models since yesterday have been showing further and further delay of the onset of another round of significant rain and possible thunderstorms -- now showing the best chance of wet weather between late Saturday night and Monday evening.  We'll lose these mild temperatures as this system moves in, especially on Sunday and Monday.  Improvement is expected starting on Tuesday...

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