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Saturday, March 21, 2015

it's officially spring... (am.21.mar.15)>

The spring equinox occurred at 4:15am IST, and that means it is now officially SPRING in the northern hemisphere.  It definitely looks like it here in our corner of the world, with mostly clear skies this morning, along with mild temperatures.  I'm recording an overnight low temp of 53.1F (11.7C) and there has obviously been no rainfall since last report.

I keep waiting for signs of something that might spoil our increasingly beautiful and pleasant weather scenario, but so far things are progressing nicely.  A large ridge of high pressure continues to build and expand across the Indian subcontinent, and will be our primary meterological feature during the next four days or so.  This should provide us with a generally stable air mass that will be steadily warming up day by day.  Most likely today will be the warmest day of 2015 up to this point, but it's going to keep getting warmer all the way until Tuesday -- taking us above normal for late March, and actually making it feel like we might have skipped over spring and gone straight into summer.  I don't think we'll have 100% sunshine though, as there will probably be a variety of patchy cloud development here and there, now and then.

Our air mass will start to destabilize by Tuesday night and Wednesday, which will introduce a chance of some scattered shower and thundershower action for the latter part of next week.  Right now it's not looking like a major storm system at all, just the potential for typical springtime convective development, mainly during the afternoon/evening hours.  Even so, temperatures should remain pleasantly warm.

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