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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

a period of recovery... (am.10.mar.15)>

Our sky is mostly clear at sunrise this morning, and the temperature is 46.0F (7.8C).  The overnight low was 42.8F (6.0C) back around 10:00pm, but those temps have been slowly crawling upward ever since.  There has been no additional precipitation since last evening's report.

It's Uprising Day, and there are scheduled events at Tsuglakhang and other places around town -- so it's nice to see that the weather is looking favorable for a change.  The high pressure ridge we've talked about is indeed for real, and has done a good job of stabilizing the atmosphere across northern India.  It's also allowing milder air to surge back to the north, after the intrusion of unseasonably cold air the last several days.  This quiet weather pattern should prevail through Thursday, with temperatures moderating nicely -- but probably not getting us all the way up to where we ought to be by this time of year (63F/17C).  The sunshine is looking plentiful today, but there are going to be some high cloudiness concerns as the rest of the week unfolds, which could put a cap on our warming trend.

The next threat of wet weather enters the picture by Friday, as a broad trough of low pressure organizes to our west-southwest, and then slowly shifts eastward over the weekend into early next week.  Scattered rain showers are possible by Friday afternoon, with a good chance of some off-and-on showers and thundershowers through at least Monday of next week.  In spite of all that, right now it looks like it won't get as cold with this next system...

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