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Monday, April 25, 2016

right on target... (pm.25.apr.16)>

Monday's stats:

Low temp: 59.4F (15.2C)
High temp: 78.2F (25.7C) -- updated
Rainfall: none

What a beautiful evening, and what an idyllic late April day.  We have sunshine and only a few scattered clouds during these minutes before dusk sets in, with temperatures right in the middle of the comfort zone.  There was some mountain cumulus development starting during the late morning, and also some patchy high, thin cirrus clouds, but the sun still managed to win out.  Just about as good as it gets.

Steadily warmer air streaming in aloft has indeed stabilized our atmosphere nicely, allowing us to enjoy some truly perfect late spring/early summer weather conditions here in our corner of the world.  There's still some kind of an upper-level wiggle or ripple showing up on the computer models during the mid-week period that could give us a rogue thundershower or two, but if it does happen, it should be short-lived, and the low moisture content of the atmosphere should keep any precipitation amounts on the very light side.  Otherwise we'll continue to see sunshine alternating with periods of mainly high clouds, and cumulus development (mostly PM) along the mountain slopes.  All in all, very typical for this time of year.

Temperatures are also very close to what we would expect during the latter part of April, but the signs are pointing toward some warmer than average/normal temps as we close out the month.  It's hard to believe that May is only a few days away...  and the start of the monsoon season is only a couple of months in our future.  Sorry to remind you of that truth :-/.

THE 7-DAY OUTLOOK has all the forecast details... above.