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Saturday, April 23, 2016

cooler than the norm... (pm.23.apr.16)>

Saturday's stats:

Low temp: 57.4F (14.1C)
High temp: 73.0F (22.8C)
Rainfall: trace

The sun will be setting very shortly, and we have only a few patches of mid-level convective clouds remaining, most of them right along the mountain peaks.  It's been another day of alternating clouds and sun -- but other than a few sprinkles of rain, some gusty winds and a clap or two of thunder during the mid-late afternoon, it has been pretty uneventful.  For the second day in a row, and as we've anticipated, temperatures remain on the cool side of normal for the latter part of April.

What's left of a broad upper-level low pressure circulation is centered very close to where it was this time last evening... just west of Srinagar.  The atmosphere has been drying out though, and that has led to less shower/thunder development across the north Indian Himalayan region than we had to deal with yesterday.  Still, there's a very cold pocket of air hanging overhead in the upper-atmosphere, so things are still unstable across a wide area.  Starting tomorrow (Sun), some significantly warmer air will being to stream in aloft, and we should see our air mass move toward greater stability.  It's looking quiet throughout the coming week, in fact, though I think we're going to have to watch the afternoon mountain instability factor just about every day, and be prepared for a rogue thundershower somewhere around our neighborhood.

The general temperature trend will be upward as we progress through the final week of April... and we'll probably be flirting with the 80ºF/27ºC threshold once again by Friday or Saturday, if not before.

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