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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

last night's thunderstorm... (am.05.apr.16)>

It's exactly 60F (15.6C) at sunrise this morning, with mostly cloudy skies and a humidity reading of 44%.  Things are calm right now, but boy oh boy did we get one heck of a nasty thunderstorm last night around 10:30pm.  I've rarely seen hail so large here in McLeod, some of the stones were nearly an inch and a half in diameter.  The storm didn't last very long, but there was a quick 0.61" (1.5cm) of rain in my gauge in only about a half hour's time.  The overnight low in the wake of the rain and hail was 52.0F (11.1C).

As I was saying last evening, I've been surprised that we were able to dodge most of the shower and thunderstorm activity scattered around the area as this latest disturbance moved through -- but we certainly did get our turn, finally.  It's going to remain unsettled and unstable through the rest of this week, with the next best chance of picking some showers/thunder coming late Wednesday into Thursday.  But frankly, we could get a rogue thundershower on any given day, in the midst of variable periods of clouds and sun.

Temperatures have finally cooled down a bit, and should remain a few degrees below where they were during the past week or so.  Check forecast details on THE 7-DAY OUTLOOK tab above.